Yoga and Spider Veins

Many people that have spider veins develop the condition due to exertion during exercise. This is no reason to stop working out however. While certain workout routines such as heavy weight lifting or even running may be more prone to causing spider veins, yoga is a low impact routine that is less likely to cause the condition to occur.

Spider veins can develop during yoga however, especially if you find yourself straining or stretching too hard. If you are getting spider vein treatment in Georgia, then it is especially important that you stretch properly before any workout routine—even low impact exercises like yoga or Pilates. Certain poses, such as those that require you to remain in an inverted position or stretched for an extended period of time could prompt the development of spider veins.

Prior to your yoga workout take the time to warm up your muscles. This can be done by taking a brief ten-minute walk that will get your blood pumping. One way that you can prevent spider veins from occurring is to wear compression stockings during your yoga workout. These socks are knee-length and are tight around your legs, which help increase blood flow. Put the compression stockings on prior to your walk and wear them throughout your entire yoga routine, and up to a half-hour following your workout to help encourage blood flow. Sport massages are another great option that can help increase blood flow following a workout, and is a great compliment to your existing spider vein treatment in Georgia.

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