Treatment Options for Facial Spider Veins

Spider veins appear after small blood vessels, such as capillaries, have dilated near the surface of the skin. Facial spider veins are a kind of varicose vein, and while the exact cause of this condition is unknown we do know that more than 20 percent of all women will at some time develop a varicose condition such as leg veins. Heredity, pregnancy and other hormonal changes can contribute to the development of facial and other varicose veins.

Age, medical history and your general health may factor in how your facial varicose veins are treated. How extensive the veins are and your reaction to the different forms of treatment will also determine which treatment your doctor recommends.

Laser surgery is one form of treatment that is popular with sufferers of facial varicose veins primarily because of its success rate. With this treatment the doctor will use a high-intensity laser beam to vaporize the tiny veins and reduce their appearance.

Other treatments include sclerotherapy, which involves the doctor injecting a solution of saline into the veins. The solution will then harden and soon after vein will collapse and disappear. Ambulatory phlebecotmy is another treatment option. This is when a doctor makes a series of tiny incisions along the vein and removes it from the body entirely.

There are potential complications with the treatment of any spider veins. One might suffer an allergic reaction, there could be scarring, or skin pigment changes and blood clots could form. Always discuss the possible side effects with your doctor in Cartersville, GA., prior to undertaking any facial varicose vein treatments.

If the spider veins have appeared during pregnancy then no course of action should be sought as they will likely disappear after the woman has given birth.

Facial spider vein treatments should be considered carefully as there is a good risk of some form of complication or side effect. Also, many patients require several treatments for their facial spider veins, as initial treatments are often not 100% effective. Overtime however, your facial spider vein problem could be eliminated altogether.


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