Tight Garments Could Cause Vascular Damage

You may be surprised to find that wearing extra tight compression clothing during sporting activity actually could cause vascular damage. Research has recently shown that there is a link between damage to blood vessels and tight clothing. A nerve which is located adjacent to the femur can often be compressed if clothing around it is too tight. This is not usually thought about by people, but it has started to become a growing concern, and is leading many athletes to visit the vein center in Canton for treatment.

Recently, many teens that play team sports have found that incredibly tight clothing is actually causing nerve damage in their legs. The use of Spandex material in sports garments has recently been linked to numbness and loss of sensation in the legs of some teens recently. While masking itself as a severe neurological condition at first, this symptom was later attributed to the wearing of Spandex material which was too tight. This revelation came after visits to neurologists, who evaluated the situation surrounding the symptoms and developed a theory regarding the Spandex.

Why do people feel the need to wear any type of compression garments when playing sports or exercising? Some fitness enthusiasts feel that these types of clothing reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, though medical experts have stressed that this is not always the case. Still, tight clothing can be helpful with retaining body heat during cold weather, provided there are other layers of clothing.

The few benefits of compression forms of clothing don’t really seem to outweigh the dangers for those who have studied the nerve damage phenomenon recently attributed to Spandex. The main thing to remember with compression garments is that they should not be too tight. If you are starting to feel pain after putting these garments on, you probably need to get a larger size. Don’t risk damaging your nerves just to avoid muscle pain.


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