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Time-Sensitive Fixes for Varicose Veins

Posted: Jun 29 in Blog by

Most treatments for spider and varicose veins take time. Depending on the severity and number of veins at hand, it may take several treatments before sufficient results are reached. In some more serious cases, surgical removal of the veins through a phlebectomy may be needed. Unfortunately, with summer around the corner in Marietta, time is more precious than ever as many of us are ready to switch out jeans for our leg-baring bathing suits and dresses. [Read more]

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Four tips for healthy summer veins

Posted: Jun 22 in Blog by

Though Marietta can be a great place for some fun in the sun during the summer months, increased heat and sun exposure can wreak havoc on your veins, especially if you already suffer from vein issues. If you’ve undergone a vein treatment like phlebectomy, you may have long dreamed of ridding yourself of embarrassing veins and wearing your shorts and swimsuits out in public again, but as you dust off your summer clothes it may also be a prudent choice to brush up on how to keep your veins healthy during the heightened risk of summertime. [Read more]

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