By Wearers for Wearers: Stylish Compression Stockings

If you are undergoing treatment for varicose or spider veins in Marietta, your vein specialist may have also recommended compression stockings to help reduce further vein issues. Compression stockings are tight coverings for the foot and leg worn to improve blood circulation to prevent the formation of vein disorders. Sometimes medical stockings can restrict people from wearing fashionable outfits during day to day activities. Kelsey Minarik, a blood clot awareness advocate, sought to change the way people feel about their compression stockings by designing her own fashionable line.

After being diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) at the age of 21, Minarik was inspired to create her fashionable compression stocking line RejuvaHealth. Deep Vein Thrombosis occurs when blood clots form in deep veins and is a serious issue than can sometimes lead to death. She wanted to provide others suffering from her same condition with a product that not only helps with treatment but looks great, too. Compression stockings in general are not only designed to help treat DVT but other medical issues such as varicose veins, venous insufficiency, lymphedema and more. Now, those suffering from these issues have a preventative option to add to their wardrobe that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Compression stockings are an important part of your vein treatment, they help mediate leg discomfort, relieve leg swelling and bring relief to fatigued legs, but you don’t have to spend more money on new stockings when you can simply update the ones you already have.

Most compression stockings come in a variety of flesh tones—use this plain background as your canvas to add some excitement to your wardrobe. Purchase regular panty hose from a local store in any colors or patterns you would like try and simply wear them over your compression stockings. The patterned pantyhose will have a plain background to contrast against and seemingly hide that you’re even wearing a medical garment underneath at the same time.

Use your compression stockings to your advantage by updating them with your own new look. Just because they were designed to treat your medical issues, it doesn’t mean they can’t serve as outlets for creative expression, too.


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