Spider Veins on Nose

Have you noticed small, red and blue-colored veins on your nose that look a little like spider webs? If you have, you are probably suffering from spider veins, which are also referred to as sunburst varicosities or telangiectasias. Fortunately, these nose veins are a cosmetic problem which can be treated.

Spider veins are caused by a number of factors. Extreme exposure to sunlight is one factor as is a traumatic event to the affected area. Rosacea, allergies and vomiting are other causes of these nose veins. Obesity and smoking also causes spider veins in some people. Further, people that abuse alcohol may be prone to getting spider veins. People that have used steroid creams for long periods of time may also be at risk for developing spider veins on both the nose and face.

There are several treatments for spider veins, which you can talk to your Cartersville, GA vein specialist about. Because some people are self-conscious about their spider veins, many opt for treatment to remove them or reduce their appearance. Some spider veins may be able to be burned, destroyed and essentially removed by a laser.

Saline injections and sclerotherapy may be another option that your physician may recommend.

Creams that contain a vitamin K and phytotonine formulation may also be an effective treatment for some spider veins. The cream is said to work by penetrating deep into the skin, leading to coagulation of the backed up blood in the spider veins. This helps increase the circulation and helps the blood move through the nose veins.

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