Spider Veins Camouflage

Finding ways to make your spider and varicose veins blend in as you seek vein treatment.

Spider Veins CamouflageUnsightly spider veins can be an embarrassment, making you shy away from fashionable clothing that reveals your legs. When spider veins mar your cheeks it may even lead to social discomfort. Rather than letting spider veins interfere with your life, hide them and enjoy yourself!

Covering Up Spider Veins

Concealing makeup makes an easy, effective way to hide spider veins, whether on the face or legs. Look for a brand that promises durability and long-lasting effectiveness. For an unnoticeable, natural look, try blending the makeup with a moisturizer, and then spread it on your legs. A concealing stick can be used in conjunction with your normal foundation, or use a concealing foundation if spider veins are abundant. Remember to match your natural skin tone for optimal results.

Never forgo the latest fashions, just pick the right ones for hiding your spider veins. Long, flowing skirts are incredibly feminine. So are short skirts with tights and high boots. Most spider veins occur on the thighs so finding the right length skirt to hide them shouldn’t present a problem.

Pants and jeans leave you completely worry free and fashionable. In warmer weather pick Capri pants that reveal only the lower legs.

Compression stockings are a time-tested accessory. They not only hide, but may also improve spider veins. Pick a natural color or a dark fashion color to match your outfits. You can also cover medical compression stockings with more fashionable tights or leggings to help your spider veins blend in a bit more.

Finally, take advantage of the year-round Georgia sunshine. A healthy summer tan can be achieved the natural way, even when it isn’t summer. If the mild winters are a bit too cold for your liking, then use spray-on or other sunless tanning methods. A bronzed skin tone not only looks great, it hides unsightly spider veins. Going to the beach can cause undue anxiety, but not with a gorgeous sarong that hides legs.

There are many effective forms of spider vein treatment that can permanently repair spider veins, but finding fun and fashionable ways to cover up the condition can help you feel better about your legs as you consider your treatment options.

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