Spider Veins and Sun Exposure

It is officially Spring, and that means more and more time spent out in the sun. For those of us who suffer from spider veins, however, this can be a dreadful time of year. As we say good-bye to the long pants and coats that covered the unsightly veins all winter, it is time to consider spider veins treatment in Canton.

In addition to exposing your legs for all to see, the sun is also guilty of making matters worse for many spider vein sufferers. It is well understood that UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your skin, and is linked to skin cancer and premature aging as well as other health conditions. Too much time out in the sun can also prompt spider veins to develop, especially on the face and legs.

The sun weakens the upper layers of the skin, diminishing its elasticity and drying it out. This reduces the skins ability to move freely. Think about the last time that you had a sun burn. The tightness of your skin makes it especially uncomfortable to move in multiple directions. As your skin is unable to move, the veins at the skin’s surface are constricted as well, which prevents normal blood flow and could cause the development of spider veins.

As you begin to spend more time outdoors, make sure to be prepared for the sun’s rays. Wearing a large hat can help prevent the sun from reaching your face, as can sitting underneath a tent or umbrella. If you are expecting to be in direct sunlight, then make sure to put on sun screen. By taking the extra steps to prevent damage from the sun you can also do your best to prevent the emergence of spider veins.

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