Spider Vein Causes

Spider veins are small, purple, blue or red veins that are most often seen on the nose, face or legs. Regardless of where they are located, most people who have them, don’t want them. They also want to know what causes these rather unsightly veins that are easily visible under the skin.

A number of circumstances predispose people to develop spider veins. Gender tends to be one factor as women are more likely to be afflicted by spider veins and leg veins than men. Genetics and heredity play a role in spider veins as well. People who stand or sit a lot, often as part of their job, are more prone to this condition. For instance, spider veins are more likely to develop in hair stylists, bartenders, waitresses, teachers and nurses who stand a good deal of time at their job. Hormonal changes, which often occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, are sometimes the culprit in spider vein development. Women who take postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy may be more likely to get these as well. Injury or trauma to the affected area can also cause veins to stretch and enlarge, leading to increased pressure and spider veins.

Even if the exact cause of spider veins is not known, they can be prevented and treated. Exercise is important to keep the blood circulating. Proper nutrition can help to promote good blood flow. Elevating legs and wearing compression stockings are also tools to alleviate the symptoms of spider veins in the legs. There are also surgical procedures to reduce and remove spider veins, so speak to your Cartersville, GA physician about treatment methods that are right for you.

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