Signs and Symptoms of Blood Clots

Calhoun residents who are concerned about developing a blood clot in leg after weight loss surgery should be aware of the symptoms and seek medical intervention if a blood clot develops. A leg clot occurs when the blood is unable to travel through the veins in the leg due to constriction, causing it to pool and for the patient to experience noticeable symptoms. It is rare to have a blood clot in the arms.

Symptoms of Blood Clots in the Legs

The first thing that you will notice if a blood clot develops is swelling in your legs. Swelling emerges as a result of the inability of the blood to flow freely in the legs. After noticing the physical experience of swelling, the patient may feel pain in the affected area of the legs. If pain is present, it typically worsens when the patient rises to a standing position or when initially sitting down. The area may feel tender when mild pressure is applied by touching it.

Another indication of a possible blood clot in your leg is skin that feels warm where the swelling has occurred. If the blood clot is just below the surface of the first layer of skin, the person’s vein may protrude and be visible. The patient may also notice a nodule on his or skin that has become red in color and is discernible by touch. When a blood clot has developed deep within the leg, the patient may experience pain, but the swelling and redness won’t be noticeable due to the location of the blood clot. Some patients with blood clots experience no symptoms whatsoever.


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