Pantyhose for Spider Veins, It’s a Health Thing

When it comes to treating spider veins and varicose veins, pantyhose are much more than a fashion statement.

For Spider Veins, Stockings About More than Fashion

Sometimes fashion trends will work in your favor. That is the feeling many women have as they let out a sigh of relief and grab a pair of stockings from their drawer. Pantyhose are back in style again, which makes it easier than ever to hide embarrassing varicose and spider veins. In Marietta and Atlanta, stores are stocking up on colorful stockings as the winter months quickly approach, and women are starting to don the old favorite even when they don’t have a reason to hide their legs.

Being able to wear stockings without sticking out like a sore thumb is great, but that doesn’t change the underlying fact that you have spider or varicose veins—and that they are bothering you. Unfortunately, vein conditions don’t usually go away without some help. If you want to feel more comfortable with your legs, you are going to need to take action and follow steps to actually treat the condition.

Plenty of women have turned to stockings to hide their embarrassing veins, but what about using those stockings to actually treat your spider and varicose veins?

Conservative vein treatment is the first line of support for varicose and spider veins, and compression stockings are one of the most popular modes of treatment currently available for the conditions. Compression stockings or support hose work by adding targeted pressure to the legs. The stockings can enhance blood flow, reduce swelling and promote overall improved vein health.

Compression stockings aren’t usually the most fashion-forward items on the market. In general, they will resemble classic knee-high stockings that are flesh colored, and are generally thicker than standard pantyhose. However, in recent years a number of companies have started putting out designer compression stockings—a sign that there are plenty of other women searching for ways to treat and hide this common condition.

Before you buy the first pair of pantyhose you find, keep these tips in mind about compression stockings:

  • Compression stockings should be tailored to your legs. Don’t fall for a one-size-fits-all stocking. For the best support your legs should first be measured and the support hose customized for you.
  • Purchase a few pairs. Sometimes going with the standard looking hose is best, as you’ll need to wear them regularly (and all day). You’ll need to wash them just like any other piece of clothing, so you might want to get several pairs instead of opting for just one pair of designer leggings.
  • The stockings should be tight, but shouldn’t hurt. If the stockings are so tight they feel uncomfortable than they could be impeding your vein health, not enhancing it. If you aren’t sure, ask your vein specialist if the hose are too tight.

Use the cold weather to your advantage and wear your traditional pants and stockings over your compression hose. By the summer you might be ready to show off your healthy gams once again.

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