March is DVT Awareness Month

Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT, is a serious condition that affects up to two million people annually in the United States. Of that two million, as many as 200,000 individuals die of a pulmonary embolism every year. The month of March is dedicated to raising awareness of DVT and promoting forms of vein treatment in Canton. It is important that that those who are at risk for developing DVT can take action to prevent complication and obtain treatment.

DVT occurs when a blood clot, or thrombus, develops in at least one of the deep veins in the body. This most often occurs within the legs, and many patients will develop the condition without any symptoms. If symptoms due occur, they are often mild and may include swelling of the affected leg along with a feeling of warmth and discolored skin.

It is important to understand the risk factors for DVT so that you can take caution to prevent the disease and obtain treatment promptly. Blood clots often form as a result of inactivity. Those who travel long distances frequently, in addition to individuals who are bed bound are at an increased risk for developing the condition. Another reason that blood clots may form is due to an injury or surgical procedure that causes damage to the blood vessels.

Many individuals are at a higher risk for developing blood clots due to a genetic disposition. If you have family members that have had developed DVT in the past, then it is likely a good idea for you to discuss your own risk factors with your vein specialist.

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