Got Spider Veins? Try FDA Approved Asclera

If you have spider veins and are used to covering up your legs, get ready to finally show off your skin. There’s a new FDA approved treatment for spider veins — one of the types of varicose veins — that show up on your skin. Many people who have spider veins consider them unsightly and would like to be rid of them. If you have them, you may have even spoken to your Cartersville physician about them. Not only are they bothersome from an appearance standpoint, but some spider veins and varicose veins cause extreme discomfort. Now, thanks to Asclera, a scherotherapy treatment, you can get rid of them.

Asclera is used for both large and small spider veins on the body, including leg veins, up to 3mm in diameter. The treatment requires no downtime, and most spider veins are corrected in just one to two treatments. When Asclera is injected, it damages the cell lining of the blood vessel where the spinal vein is located. This causes them to close and disappear.

Over 80 million people in America suffer from varicose veins or spider veins, with women more likely to develop them than men. The incidence of spider veins increases in both sexes with age.

Practicing physicians have noted that Asclera has shown a higher success rate than other treatment methods available to treat spider veins available today. Other treatment methods for spider veins often caused patients irritation and pain, not to mention time consuming treatments. Not only is the application of Asclera easy, but the results have been demonstrated to be consistent.

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