Fight Visible Veins

Fight Visible Spider VeinsWho wears short-shorts? ‘Not I’ says the woman with spider veins marring her legs. It is a shame too, because there is nothing like showing off your toned and sculpted legs as the summer months pass by. A dark blue web of veins has stopped many a fine-lady from showing off her gams, but that doesn’t need to be the case for you.

Medical treatment for spider and varicose veins can eliminate the unsightly appearance, but it can take some time depending upon the severity of your condition. Small veins can be treated with a laser and can often disappear in just a matter of weeks over the course of several treatments. For larger veins, sclerotherapy or endovenous closure might be recommended. Vein treatment is often successful, but what is there to do while you are in the process of eliminating the unpleasant lines?

Here are a few cosmetic tricks that you can try to hide spider veins as they gradually begin to disappear:

  • Self-tanners: Opt for a self-tanner that is also a bronzer to eliminate any streaks or orange pools on your skin. While a bad self-tanning job may distract others from looking at your spider veins, it won’t be in a good way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your veins are showing as a result of your winter-white legs. Self-tanners can sometimes help mask spider veins by reducing the contrast of color in your legs, making the veins less noticeable.
  • Concealer: There are plenty of make-ups that are actually designed for the body and not the face. A lot of these are mixed with lotions or SPF solutions that will block out the sun and keep your skin soft as well. Especially if you are going to be outside in the Marietta heat, make sure to find a concealer that is waterproof and long lasting.
  • Wear stockings: This isn’t always realistic when the temperature is rising above 90-degrees. But, if you are going to don a sundress then throw on a pair of nude colored stockings to hide your spider veins. If you aren’t into the classic look, then find a pair of colorful tights that add something to your outfit.

Don’t expect any miracles from over the counter creams or cures that advertise complete elimination overnight. These cosmetic tricks are not meant to help eliminate spider veins, but if your veins are slight enough then they may cover up the embarrassing condition while you are pursuing medical vein treatment.


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