Exercise with Compression Socks

Ever wonder how you can keep up your weight loss training in Cartersville after an injury? Support hose offer many benefits for athletes, including protection from injury and in many cases, enhanced performance.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of compression socks is the reduction of discomfort when you wear them. Surprisingly, studies have shown that compression stockings also increase the rate and magnitude of healing.

How does compression hosiery work? It fits more snugly at the bottom of the leg, with decreasing levels of compression up to the knee. Thicker, heavier threads are used on the tighter portions of the sock. This construction method improves your circulation, and eases any repetitive strain injuries that you may have.

Wondering how to figure out what size to wear? Measure around the widest part of your calf, and then measure your leg from ankle to knee.

Be sure that you use athletic grade support hose, and not surgical grade, which compress to a much greater degree. Moderate compression is ideal for recovering athletes. It protects you from further injury, and even keeps vulnerable areas warmer in cold weather.

Many athletes embrace these socks in order to:

  • Recover from strain and injury faster
  • Augment blood flow to their hearts
  • Minimize excessive vibration and the resulting muscle fatigue

So leave your vanity and doubts behind, and follow doctor’s orders and wear your compression stockings proudly when you work out! You’ll be able to continue your weight loss training without interruption, and you’ll see results sooner than if you let a sports injury bench you.


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