Exercise for Spider Veins

Approximately 55% of women and 45% of men suffer from spider veins, which are caused by leaking varicose veins. Varicose veins are caused mainly by the weakening of blood valves, which occurs with age, but tends to occur earlier in those with sedentary lifestyles. Although this may be part of the natural aging process, there is a way you can postpone and even prevent the occurrence of varicose veins and spider veins by regularly exercising to improve the strength of your veins and circulation of blood in your legs. Calhoun residents who want to reduce spider veins can try walking more or participating in simple aerobic exercises every day just to keep blood flowing properly.

Another solution for getting rid of varicose veins is to visit the vein center nearest to your Calhoun home. Although exercise may help prevent existing spider veins from worsening or new ones from forming, the only way to fully remove existing spider veins is to take advantage of the various medical procedures available. One type of treatment available is sclerotherapy. With this procedure, a doctor at the vein center in your area will inject a fluid into the area of the varicose veins that will cause them to dry up and become absorbed by your body.

Alternatively, the vein center in your area can perform an endovenous laser treatment procedure which uses a small laser to collapse the affected vein. To surgically remove the vein, patients can undergo ambulatory phlebectomy surgery to fully get rid of the affected area. Since these treatment plans can often be expensive as well as risky, involving a good exercise plan to reduce spider veins in the future is an ideal method for Calhoun residents to combat the problem.


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