Biking and Varicose Veins

Cartersville is a great place to ride whether you like road biking in one of the annual races or just enjoy mountain biking through the local trails. For many local cyclists, a concern over the onset of varicose veins has dissuaded them from continuing to push the pedals because of a fear that cycling may be a cause of this unsightly vein disorder.

The truth is that biking is not actually a cause of this common vein dysfunction. Inside the veins in our legs, tiny valves prevent the backward flow of blood as it returns in circulation toward the heart. Over time, and as the result of hereditary predisposition, the valves can malfunction and allow gravity to pull the blood flow back down the leg. As the blood pools in leg veins, a bulging vein area will appear at the surface. Varicose problems are different from the appearance of blue veins or spider veins as these affected blood vessels will noticeably protrude through the skin. This condition is not caused by cycling or the effects of increased muscle strength in the legs.

While cycling may cause veins to bulge through the skin as the muscles grow in size and demand for blood circulation, the noticeable difference is that varicose veins tend to be bunched and less defined. There are others in the cycling worlds that mistakingly believe that biking is a varicose treatment. The truth is that only medical procedures like a hook or avulsion phlebectomy can remove damaged veins and alleviate the condition. A preventative measure that can be taken while cycling is to wear compression socks and leggings, which can assist against the bulging of veins during exercise.


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