Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks

People who have poor blood circulation or varicose veins can suffer considerable pain as well as leg fatigue, cramping, and numbness during or after walking, running, or standing for a significant period of time. Not only are these circulation problems uncomfortable, but they often cause patients to steer away from an active lifestyle. Elevating your legs can provide quick relief, but it’s only a temporary varicose treatment solution. On the other hand, medical compression stockings approved by your Canton physician, provide more long-term relief and are a great alternative to surgery.

A compression sock is actually a piece of hosiery that stimulates increased blood circulation, while also providing extra support for the foot and legs. Although they may look like traditional socks, compression stockings are quite different in their function. Typical compression socks provide a graduated pressure, tightest at the ankle with less compression to the knee or thigh. Compression stockings are available in under the knee, above the knee, and thigh high varieties.

Made out of rubber, Lycra, and spandex, compression stockings are strong and capable of creating significant pressure on arteries that force blood to move while increasing constriction on muscles and surface veins. Blood pooling in the feet, which causes numbness and pain, is reduced or eliminated because the compression forces the blood back up to the heart.

People who have poor blood circulation, varicose veins, edema and phlebitis find relief in wearing compression stockings as one of their solutions in their varicose treatments plan. Compression socks are also recommended for people to wear during long flights where they will be sitting for long periods and changing cabin pressure. Lastly, athletes wear these socks for more efficient muscles during marathons or long distance cross-country treks as well.



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