Get Active at the Office to Beat Varicose Veins

Get Active at the Office to Beat Varicose Veins in AtlantaSitting: it’s something we all do every day, but most of us do it far too much. We sit for a long morning commute, then sit eight hours at work and drive back home to sit through dinner and a couple hours of TV on the couch. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle isn’t always as comfortable as seems—all that sitting can lead to spider veins or varicose veins in Atlanta and Marietta, not to mention the heightened risk for heart attack and stroke.

Yet quitting your desk job is seldom a practical option. 80 percent of Americans now have a job that keeps them off their feet, and though many try to counteract this with time spent at the gym, it’s hard to offset those 40-plus hours you stay parked. We burn most of our calories throughout the day, not in our 30-minute exercise sessions before or after work.

When it comes to improving cardiovascular health and preventing varicose veins and spider veins, we can all stand to get more active at work. You may think that your workplace doesn’t offer any opportunities for movement, but many strategies can help you reduce your idle hours, like:

  • Sitting on an exercise ball. These big, elastic balls can have applications outside the gym. Unlike a desk chair, an exercise ball will consistently engage your core and back muscles. Though these incidental muscle contractions may not seem like much in the moment, they can seriously add up by the end of the day.
  • Taking walks. When you take a break, don’t just sit there—every moment not spent working can be a moment spent away from your desk. Head down the hall to grab a glass of water; walk across the office for few minutes of friendly chatting with a coworker; take a lap around the office or parking lot to clear your head; walk to a nearby store or restaurant to buy a healthy lunch. Take every opportunity to get up and walk around, even if you’re only going a few feet.
  • Trying a desk alternative. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular among the health-conscious, but standing for too long in one place can cause problems too. If your office is receptive to it, you can try a treadmill desk, which will give you the ability to walk as you work. You can also try to set up a standing workstation somewhere in the office—this way you can split your time sitting and standing instead of doing one of the two for too long.

If you’re trying to prevent spider veins and varicose veins in Atlanta or Marietta, the solution can be simple: move more at work! How else do you stay active at the office? Tell us in the comments below.

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